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Working in a creative industry can be tough. We grind away expressing our passion in a way we hope will connect and bring joy to others, often investing lonely hours to make it a reality. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I LOVE so many aspects of this crazy industry, especially when the chance arises to collaborate, vibe and bounce off of other creative souls who share the fire to see their dreams become a reality. Out Of Comfort had this chance late last year when the opportunity arose to work with one of New Zealand’s most respected vocalists, Stan Walker. A guy who has constantly shown resilience, power and boundless talent, I have long...

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In the mundane of daily life, we can often get swept up with our own ‘troubles’ and forget to take stock of just how lucky we are and the genuine battles many others face. Finding small ways to support those facing tough times should be a priority, as we never know when we may need the support ourselves. So, when the opportunity arose for Out Of Comfort to get involved in the M Factor Events Fashion Show for Ronald McDonald House, it was a no brainer. Held annually, the Show has built a name for itself in Christchurch due to the level of support it receives from incredible sponsors, partners and donors. This year saw the Tannery as the chosen...

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