OUT OF COMFORT - 14-10-17


Working in a creative industry can be tough. We grind away expressing our passion in a way we hope will connect and bring joy to others, often investing lonely hours to make it a reality. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I LOVE so many aspects of this crazy industry, especially when the chance arises to collaborate, vibe and bounce off of other creative souls who share the fire to see their dreams become a reality. Out Of Comfort had this chance late last year when the opportunity arose to work with one of New Zealand’s most respected vocalists, Stan Walker.

A guy who has constantly shown resilience, power and boundless talent, I have long been a big fan of Stan for his music, his heart and his incredible eye for setting a trend, not following. He is not afraid to push the boundaries and express himself in a truly authentic way, aligning with the core of everything Out Of Comfort is about.

After taking the leap and reaching out, all my sentiments on Stan were proved accurate and having the opportunity to work with him was a beautiful process and one I will cherish forever. Stan gave us the honour of wearing the Out Of Comfort Frankie co-ord for a special tribute performance at the New Zealand Music Awards, remembering all those talented souls from the music industry who passed away in 2018. The chance for Out Of Comfort to be involved in such a significant performance was incredible and definitely a moment that will be memorable always.

Stan’s support did not stop there, allowing Out Of Comfort to provide outfits for his New Zealand Takeover Tour and also featuring our clothing for promo of the Gimme Love single. Seeing influencers from the creative space adopt and love Out Of Comfort will always be heart-warming for me and is something I will never tire of.

I am always interested in ways I can collaborate with, support or grow with other creatives and would love to hear from you if you have a project you are interested in working with Out Of Comfort on, get in touch!